Proud to be a Lady

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Proud to be a Lady

Being a lady has distinctive advantages and besides being important to yourself, you belong to that gender that is born and nurtured with several unique gifts.

Ladies are naturally more compassionate,  kind and patient in nature. They can relate to the hurt and pain suffered by others and will go to any lengths to offer relief to them.

Ladies are emotionally stronger. From a very early age, they face several kinds of difficulties internally and externally that make them strong. This ability gives them the power to face any kind of challenge.

Ladies are multifaceted. They can climb to the pinnacle in an organization, run successful empires and even rule nations. At the same time, they know best what their family requires and attending to their needs is their most important priority.

Ladies are pillars of strength and support to self and people around them. Single moms are more common and very lucidly demonstrating their ability to handle multiple things without deriving external support. Ladies also extend their support very naturally to their family or people around them.

Ladies are naturally beautiful . It's important that they take good care of themselves and reward themselves with a piece of jewelry from time to time to make them look even more gorgeous. Excellent accessories are perfect companions to every Lady.

Ladies can make hundreds of heads turn for her looks or her talent or her exceptional abilities professionally or for her role on the social front. Better still, she can be all combined into one.

Ladies are sensitive and they are easily disappointed or hurt. But they have the immense power to emerge just like a Phoenix does. She weathers any storm and instills faith in herself to succeed any situation.



Ladies have the inimitable blessing of giving life to another being. One whom she cares the most for, sacrifices the most for, loves the most, gives the most and forgives the most. Her child is an extension of her being, perhaps the most important part of herself and desires and promises only the best for him or her.

It is a man’s world and yet the Lady has worked her way to be more effective than the man at the workplace, society and home.

Ladies have many different roles to play and unlike a man, these roles are not just retained as names or positions. But each of them have a soul and are important in their own way.

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