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What You Need to know about Akoya Pearls

Posted by Carla Grimaldi on

Akoya Pearls By far the most popular of all pearl types, the akoya pearl is famous for its small, perfectly round shapes and bright, mirror-like luster. Their amazing ability and consistency in producing near-perfect round cultured pearls make them ideal for adorning some of the world’s finest pearl jewellry.   The Akoya pearl remains a pure symbol of elegance and beauty. Ranging in size from 2.0-9.5mm, the akoya offers one of the most versatile and wardrobe ready looks of all pearl types. Akoya pearls are measured in half-millimeter increments; popular necklace and earring sizes are 7.0-7.5mm, 7.5-8.0mm and 8.0-8.5mm. Cultured mainly...

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