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What’s the difference between Diamond, Moissanite, Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconia?

Posted by Mia Cara on

Diamond, Moissanite, Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconia " Diamonds are a girl’s best friend " , a phrase and song made famous by Marilyn Monroe first performed song - simply because we love the sparkling and glittery !  1938 DeBeers launched their advertising campaign “A Diamond is Forever”. The ad campaign is regarded as one of the most successful in history and changed the general public’s perception of diamonds. No longer were diamonds seen as a gem reserved only for Royalty and the highest of society, they came to represent love, affection and faithfulness. Nowadays Diamond engagement rings are not...

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What You Need to know about Swarovski Crystal

Posted by Carla Grimaldi on

Swarovski Crystal Swarovski is an originally Austrian company famed for over a century for making some of the best lead crystal items in the world.  Back in the late 1800s, company founder Daniel Swarovski found a process which forms glass that’s made at high temperatures by melting silicon oxide powders with lead to form what is known as lead crystal by giving the surface a rainbow like appearance to simulate dispersion from a diamond. The exact process is one that’s patented by Swarovski but it has approximately 32% lead content to increase the crystals refraction index to resemble that of...

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