What You Need to know about Pigeon Blood Red Ruby

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Pigeon Blood Red Ruby

stands for an incredible color in the hues a Ruby can achieve. This particular form of rubies is considered to be the rarest of these gems. Rubies alone are notable rare, so Pigeon Blood Red Rubies are among the rarest gems of the world.

Let's talk about Rubies first. A Ruby is a gemstone with colors that go from pink to blood red. Its red color happens thanks to the presence of chromium, so the highest level of chromium, the redder it can be. Rubies are considered one of the four precious stones, together with Sapphires, Emeralds and of course, Diamonds.

Rubies have a trigonal crystal system, and have a hardness rate of 9.0 mohs.

Last year, a Pigeon Blood Red Ruby blew away an auction at Geneva and set a world record of £19.3million, that's a lot.

So, we can say that Pigeon Blood Red is the rarest color stages of Rubies. In the colored gemstone world, color is what rules, so a more color saturated Ruby, will be classified as a higher quality gemstone in relation to a less saturated one. When it comes to the hue, the color must be neither too dark nor too light to be considered as a top quality gemstone. Rubies are commonly cut into oval and cushion shapes

Rubies in relation to Human Kind

Rubies have a long history when it comes to seducing human kind. It has been considered as a talisman of passion, and its color suggest an inextinguishable flame.

Rubies enhance the inner energy of the body and the soul, and it amplifies vitality in the whole anatomic system. Even though, is like the stone picks the user, and not the other way around because there have been many statements about people considered as "sensitive" or "highly irritable" that rubies are uncomfortable to wear. They are perfect though, to calm hyperactivity in some individuals.

Rubies are aphrodisiacs, and can help increasing sensuality, to even lifting up the mystical communion. Thanks to these properties, they are perfect for deepening a couple's relationship, and it also encourages commitment and mutual closeness. They are also known to be great for reducing fear to the unknown and the paranormal, because of its inner inextinguishable flame.

They are great for:

- Detoxing the body

- Encouraging self confidence

- Seeing the light in the darkness

- Raising enthusiasm

- Speeding metabolism

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