What You Need to know about Pink Kunzite

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Pink Kunzite

is a variety of the colored pink to lilac crystals of Kunzite; which are part of a larger family of minerals called Spodumenes. This crystal is somehow new, at least its name, because it was named after the G. F. Kunz in 1902, who was a mineralogist and a jeweler.

Kunzite has a monoclinic crystal system; and has a hardness rate of 6.5-7.0 mohs.

Kunzite’s peculiar lilac to pink color has a lot to do with the presence of manganese. Sometimes kunzite is exposed to high temperatures to increase the tonality for gemstone purposes. It forms naturally with this lovely color, but sometimes it has a green or yellow hue, and when this occurs, we refer as it as hiddenite, which is just a cousin of kunzite.

Kunzite is extremely feminine due to its lovely color. It is often referred as "Woman's stone". Pink kunzite is perfect for young mothers, and also single mothers, because it helps with the care of the newborns. They happen to be a great companion for children enduring fears in life. Kunzite is also great for enduring difficult losses or heartbreaking situations in life. Kunzite is an amazing companion for travelling, because it protects their keepers, especially on the trajectories. It has been known that Kunzite is a great ally when visiting foreign places where negative events have happened, because its positive energy is so strong, that it really balances things up.

Kunzite are greatly known for many purposes thanks to its magnificent power, but the most powerful uses for Kunzite, is which is related to women, and that's why it's called the Woman's stone, not just for its color.

- Hormone related headaches and even migraines

- It helps balancing the feminine reproductive system

- It helps in the premenstrual syndrome to be less irritated and uncomfortable

- It also helps menstrual inconsistencies by balancing the whole system

- It helps for treating skin rashes caused by medical treatments

- Helps to improve empathy

- Helps to manage difficulties for social interactions

- It promotes tolerance and the will to serve the others

When doing holistic treatments, Pink Kunzite is commonly used for healing neuralgia and toothache. It is also a great element for releasing tension around the region close to the heart.

So even though Kunzite has a great potential and a great energy, it has a very strong relationship with common things we as women tend to endure on a regular basis.


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