What You Need to know about Tourmaline

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Tourmaline has the vastest broad of colors and hues in the world of minerals. One single crystal can have many colors inside of it. Geologically speaking, they form in mineral veins inside larger rock systems. Tourmaline can form near or even around other minerals like beryllium, quartz and feldspar. Thanks to its structure, Tourmaline is ideal for cutting it into gemstones.

Tourmaline can be found in many colors, especially green and black. It has a trigonal crystal system, and it has a hardness rate of 7–7.5 mohs.
Scientifically speaking, Tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a composition of many other minerals, that's why John Ruskin referred to the chemical composition Tourmaline to be more like a medical recipe than a mineral itself. 
Even though this may sound funny, it can be the reason why Tourmaline is so beneficial for health and for crystal healing.

Benefits of Tourmaline in health and healing:

- Tourmaline works as an inverter because it absorbs the negative energy and turns it into positive energy. So if you have a beautiful Tourmaline crystal in a room, it will help to keep it very pristine in terms of energy.

- Thanks to its composition of several minerals, Tourmaline helps to release Stress and Anxiety, and it also helps to heal torn muscles by opening the energy flow of your body. You can give yourself gentle massages with little polished Tourmaline stones in the knotty muscles of your body, and you'll start to feel the energy flow gaining back its strength.

- There is another great benefit of having Tourmaline around, especially in our modern days. It helps to balance the electromagnetic field frequencies. And how does they affect us? Well, many people that work in highly saturated electromagnetic fields
(like near too many computers or on the phone) tend to get dizzy, and by having a Tourmaline stone with you, even on a jewel, it will help balancing that kind of energy into something that doesn't affect your calmness.

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