What You Need to know about Turquoise

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is an opaque mineral with an intense blue to green color. It is considered as a rare stone, and it has achieved the grade of gem and ornamental stone. It is beautiful and it has been known to have a great importance in many cultures. Turquoise is nearly always cryptocrystalline and massive and assumes no definite external shape. Crystals, even at the microscopic scale, are exceedingly rare. Turquoise has a triclinic crystal system and has a hardness rate 5-6 mohs.

Turquoise is a stone with legacy. It is perhaps one of the oldest stones used by mankind for various energy linked purposes. I is among the earliest gems to be mined, and many of the early mines depleted, still work today. Turquoise has been known to be the Talisman of Kings, Warriors and Shamans. It has a great power, and we are going to talk about the some important things everybody should know about it.

Its name has to do with the Turks indeed. The stoned was first mined in Central Asia, and it was a famous good in Turkish bazaars. But its scope has reached the whole globe. For thousands of years, it has spanned many cultures and it has commonly been seen by all of them as a great symbol of wisdom and nobility. Some of the cultures in which Turquoise made a huge impact are: Ancient Egyptians, Persians and Chinese, Aztecs and Incas of South America, and Native North Americans.

It's curious how Turquoise has been considered and valued as an ornamental gem. It also has been considered to be a great symbol of male power.

Uses of Turquoise in several Healing and self-therapy appliances:

- It has been considered as a travel talisman, because it helps the road to be safe and for keeping burglars away. It also is a great talisman for preventing accidents while travelling.

- Thanks to its strengthening properties, Turquoise stones are excellent for dealing with exhaustion, depression and even panic attacks. It is used for enhancing immune systems in the body, and it also helps the body to assimilate better the nutrients of ingested food.

- It is a great anti-inflammatory and detoxer as well.

- Turquoise is widely used for treating upper body problems like those related to the eyes, ears, brain and balance.

- It helps increasing fate, and also helps differentiating between good and evil.

- It helps reducing hyperacidity, rheumatism, gout, stomach pains and cramps.

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