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About Us

La Mia Cara Jewelry & Accessories

We offer high quality, outstanding design and accessibility to all.

Our designs are made by world art designers.

La Mia Cara is an opportunity to partake in a luxury sector at the affordable prices and high quality. For everyone's budget and every occassion.

Its owned and runned by women with a commitment to support women in distress anywhere in the world.

La Mia Cara  ships directly from the manufactures and provides significant savings and thus creates the opportunity to offer fabulous high quality and design for a reasonable price so  that every woman can feel like a princess again.

CZ Diamonds altough lab-made, they have the exact resemblance of a 100% genuine, naturally-created diamond. 

CZ Diamonds  are perfect companion for traveling, when you want to leave your very expensive jewelry at home, or when you want to look like you have very expensive baubles — or both!

If you are looking for additional information about materials, design, new products and any other topic connected to our company La Mia Cara Jewelry, please contact us.

Our team Francesco and Cara are excited to answer all questions you may have and keep you happy returning customers.


La Mia Cara Jewelry - Unique and Assertive

La Mia Cara Jewelry &  Accessories