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Metal Allergy or Sensitive Skin ?

If you suffer from Metal Allergy, Nickel is the primary metal that people are allergic to. All our products "nickel-free" !  Copper and cobalt are also responsible for causing allergic reactions in some individuals. Some people are surprised to find that leather jewelry can cause contact dermatitis. The process of tanning leather requires metal, and traces are often left behind. These small amounts of metal have been known to cause allergic reactions when worn as jewelry.

Thanks to modern technology and the creativity of designers, there are numerous hypoallergenic materials that still produce beautiful jewelry. Some materials offer the shiny look of precious metals while others feature bright colors and offer unique designs and attributes.

At La Mia Cara we offer Hypoallergenic Fine Jewelry  with Palladium, Platinum, Sterling Silver,Titanium, Tungsten or Gold. Our  Bijoux range is based on  Palladium Alloys  which is 3 times 18 k gold or silver plated. Palladium is a white metal related to platinum. It's as lustrous, hypo-allergenic, and almost as pure as platinum, but because it's less dense, it's more affordable.

At la Mia Cara we are very aware about Allergies because beside beauty we also have an holistic approach. In our case studies we had NO CASE of Allergy. Nevertheless allergetic reaction are a neverending movement if they have started. So if you would be the 0.01% who gets an allergic reaction please don't hestitate to contact us directly and of course you can return your product.

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